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Motor Vehicle Accident

We know getting involved in a motor vehicle accident can be very stressful and upsetting to most people. If you have been injured as a result of motor vehicle accident, early assessment of your health and treatment of your injuries are crucial in your recovery.
At Toronto Health & Physical Rehabilitation Clinic we specialize in assessing and treating injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. Our experienced team will design a comprehensive rehabilitation program based on each individual’s need for faster recovery, restoring mobility, function and strength.

Slip & Fall

If you have been injured as a result of slip & fall incident please contact us at Toronto Health & Physical Rehabilitation Clinic to schedule an appointment to assess your injuries. We will design a comprehensive treatment program for you based on your injuries and will guide you to accelerated recovery and optimum health.

Chronic Pain Management

Many Canadians suffer from chronic pain syndrome. We recognize the suffering and the impact it could have on the individual and the family members. We recognize the severity of such condition and have years of experience to treat and manage individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome or fibromyalgia.

WSIB/ Work Injury

Work injuries will affect you and possibly your family as a whole if left ignored or untreated. We know how much your job is important to you so our experienced team will assist you to recover as quickly as possible and guide you to gradual and safe return to your work.

Insurer Assessments/IME

At Toronto Health & Physical Rehabilitation Clinic our team of expert providers have conducted many Independent Medical Examination. We work with Insurance providers and Legal Firms and provide them with expert, professional, cost effective and timely mannered Independent Medical reports for their clients.