We provide a broad variety of specialist services, ranging from chiropractic treatment to weight loss plans.

Toronto Health & Physical Rehabilitation Clinic

Was established in North York/Thornhill area in 2003 and since, it has been a leading multidisciplinary clinic in Northern Toronto.

Our Mission

Our mission at Toronto Health & Physical Rehabilitation Clinic is to provide the best care to the community. We understand the need for a healthy community and pride ourselves in developing a wellness program in order to maximize the health within every single individual who walks in to our office and through outreach programs in the community.

Why Choose Us

At Toronto Health & Physical Rehabilitation Clinic, our goal is to provide each patient with a memorable experience. Our licenced physicians, compassionate nurses, welcoming environment, and effective experience make this possible.


Clinical Excellence

At Toronto Health Care we consistently deliver high-quality patient care through evidence-based practices.


Personalized Care

Our clinic provides personalized care services that incorporate patient values, preferences, and needs into treatment plans, resulting in improved patient satisfaction and health outcomes.


Quality Standards

Our clinic is committed to maintaining high quality standards in all aspects of patient care, from medical treatments and procedures to customer service and facility cleanliness.