Spinal Traction Vaughan

Spinal traction is a form of therapy that decompresses and relives pressure on the spine and associated nerves and tissues. It can be used manually or mechanically using a special traction table. It is used to treat conditions such as herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative disc disease (DDD) pinched nerves and other back and spinal conditions.

Uses of Spinal Traction in Woodbridge, Vaughan

Spinal traction can be manual or mechanical, depending on where it happens and your preference. Our therapists can handle the procedure in our facility, but you can also have it done in the comfort of your home. Gravity-dependent traction is another alternative, but it also requires the presence of an expert. Regardless of your choice, you can be sure the technique will mobilize soft tissues, decompress pinched nerve roots, and reduce inflammation of intervertebral discs.

Traction can also align with cervical spinal dislocation, which happens when trauma or disease causes fractured bones to shift before healing. You can consult us if you have sciatica, bone spurs, degenerative skin disease, facet disease, or sipped discs.

The thought of applying force on the spine and pulling it in opposite directions may sound scary, but it is not when handled by a skilled professional who has done the same routine multiple times. We have the proper devices that guarantee safety without damaging underlying skin. We remain cautious to ensure you do not get sores or lasting skin damage from long-term use of the traction.

Always insist on experienced personnel when undergoing spinal traction because potential side effects can leave you in worse pain. The therapy is unsuitable if you have underlying conditions and can sometimes cause muscle spasms. There could be long-term risks, such as pain after treatment. Our careful approaches eliminate such possibilities, guaranteeing your wellness. We always weigh the risks against the reward, proceeding with the therapy only after establishing that the pros outweigh the possible cons.

The Best Spinal Traction Therapy Clinic

Traction results in correct spinal arrangement, decompressed joints, and a pain-free lifestyle. Those are possible when the procedure goes smoothly. Since the traction defies the effects of gravity, it can leave you feeling better permanently. We can better the positivity by adding other therapy options for all-rounded well-being.
You can share your expectations and objectives, after which we will perform the manual therapy, which is non-invasive like our other services. You can be part of our satisfied patients, attesting to the relief that traction provides. We do not give up on our clients and will follow up to ascertain your experience. Our pride and satisfaction come from the positive report we get from our patients - that is what we strive to give you.