Laser therapy Woodbridge, Vaughan

Laser therapy is an effective, non-invasive, drug free solution that has no known side effects. It is used in pain management to reduce and manage pain. It also stimulates the body’s natural repair process at the cellular level enabling the patient a speedy recovery. The results are faster healing and reduced pain, swelling and inflammation. It is best suited for fracture injuries where other pain modalities are restricted. It increases cell metabolism, improves localized blood circulation, development of collagen and muscle tissue, relief from acute and chronic pain, reduces localized inflammation and edema, stimulation of the immune system and stimulation of nerve function.

Laser therapy Woodbridge, Vaughan

Laser therapy uses focused light on the body at different wavelengths to form powerful beams that penetrate the body at various capacities. The energy penetrates like an x-ray but a professional controls the power level according to the depth it should reach. Laser therapy can solve multiple issues, such as:

Tissue repair

Penetration of the laser light into the body promotes tissue regeneration by encouraging cells to reproduce quickly. The treatment works if you have damaged tendons, ligaments, muscles, or nerves. It also works for recurrent injuries as it does not leave scar tissue.

Swelling reduction

Faster cell repair is the reason laser treatment works in reducing inflammation. The technique also encourages the widening of the veins and arteries, allowing the removal of damaged cells while increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients. That also leaves room for white blood cell distribution, promoting faster recovery.

Pain relief

Most patients turn to laser treatment to relieve pain, which is possible because of endorphin release and reduction of nerve-ending sensitivity. Endorphins are natural pain relievers and can have an analgesic effect.
Other benefits of laser therapy include faster healing, better vascular activities, stem cell activation, and elimination of fibrous tissue formation. Possible application areas remain numerous, something we can explore when you contact us. Remember, different conditions will require various laser power – neuro-musculoskeletal issues respond better to high doses that can also be dangerous if mismanaged. We adjust the power accordingly to ensure you do not experience harmful effects.

Laser Therapy Toronto

We can use laser therapy in physiotherapy, but it can also apply in other surgical areas like cosmetic skin surgery. It is the perfect alternative if you want drug-free solutions without many side effects. It works for patients with tendonitis, bursitis, or repetitive motion injuries. Most patients who turn to us for pain alleviation also find substantial relief in laser treatment, and you can do it too. We are here to provide the reprieve you deserve through precise laser treatments.

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Our excellence in multiple pain-relief options makes us the best when considering laser therapy physiotherapy. We understand the risks associated with the therapy and do everything in our capacity to keep them from arising. You will not experience pain, bleeding, scarring, skin discoloration, or infection when through with the treatment. The procedures do not last long, and you will not experience downtime. Our laser therapy clinic has the best personnel and tools to enable you to live the fulfilling, worry-free, and pain-free life you deserve.