Custom Made Orthotics

Custom made orthotics are made for you to correct or manage any foot, ankle or knee conditions. We use Gait Scan technique to gather data related to your gate and a pair of custom made orthotics are made for you based on these data gathered thru the SCAN

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Custom Made Orthotics

Have you been diagnosed with foot misalignment? You may have been struggling with osteoarthritis or feeling pain that has not been diagnosed yet. Whatever the case, custom-made orthotics can be the relief you yearn for.

Custom-Made Orthotics Woodbridge

Custom orthotics resemble insoles but are made with 3D impressions of the feet to improve or rectify foot posture. You may be a candidate for one if you have abnormal lower limb mechanics or any other abnormality that impacts the legs, spine, or pelvis. Their functionality is the reason they are considered biomechanical resources. By diverting the motions created during the gait cycle, the orthotics create an opportunity for the feet to align themselves properly and reduce strain on the body. The materials consist of high-density foams and plastics that may seem uncomfortable initially but are effective at preventing further disability or pain. The discomfort also reduces as you continue wearing them.

Custom foot orthotics can be suitable for different conditions. That is why we have different types with different designs and features. You can choose functional ones to align the feet and allow the body to hold its weight without causing harm. Such orthotics are semi-rigid, but the majority are rigid. Therapeutic ones are also available for irregularly shaped feet – they provide heel and arch support and improve stability during movement.

Accommodative orthotics are for arthritis patients. They release the stress from pressure on the joints, thereby improving mobility. Accommodative devices are more flexible than the other types. Classification can also depend on size, with full-length, slim, 3/4, and children orthotics available.

Are Orthotics Suitable For You?

You can get a prescription to determine the suitability of orthotics for you. Our chiropractor can diagnose and order the orthotics for you and your specific need.
We consider numerous factors, such as existing symptoms, activity, and results from the evaluation. Remember, the effectiveness of the inserts depends on the condition they should alleviate, and the goal is to release foot pain and treat injuries. That means anyone with foot-related problems can benefit from orthotics.
Those who require additional support due to the nature of their jobs can also use the inserts. Examples include construction workers, athletes, nurses, and anyone looking for enhanced foot balance.

Custom-Made Orthotics Near Me

We always start with a thorough assessment that includes taking your history and possible imaging. Our inserts have different materials and are available in various shapes for varying conditions. Since orthotics change the pressure from the ground to the foot, they can help with knee or ankle pain when we apply our expertise to create custom-made orthotics Toronto for you.

Remember, the types of shoes you wear with the orthotics also matter – they should be well-fitting, not ill-fitting. Consider shoes with a firm and wide midsole, enough depth and width, minimal firm heels, and footbeds. However, that does not mean you should wear chunky shoes. Our team is available for consultation and inquiries about the shoes to wear.