Post and Pre-operative and Fracture Rehabilitation

Whether you have scheduled an operation or recovering from a recent surgery we will assist you to regain optimal function and faster recovery. We are equipped to manage and treat any fractures and assist you to return to your normal daily activities as early as possible.

Post and Pre-operative and Fracture Rehabilitation Vaughan

Post-operative rehabilitation

The therapy reduces complications after surgery, helping you resume your regular routines. We can help you handle pain, boost strength, and rebuild muscles to regain stability as you recover. The therapy enables you to adjust as you resume your regular activities. The rehabilitation does not involve intensive activities – you may engage in circulation or breathing exercises as you ease into strengthening the surgical area. We can help you manage the pain, stiffness, and swelling. As specialists in that area, we will not rush the process or give up – we work patiently with you for as long as it takes, which could be several months. Therapy may involve simple activities like learning how to get up or sit, gait assistance using supporting devices, or isometric exercises.

Pre-operative rehabilitation

The rehabilitation happens as part of the preparation for the surgery, which also contributes to a speedy recovery. We believe some issues can slow recovery if they remain unaddressed before the procedure. That is why we stress the pre-operative therapies. We can engage you in minimal exercises that strengthen the expected surgical site, enhance your mobility, and better your range of motion. By improving overall fitness, you increase your chances of recovering quickly. The exercises you perform before the procedure are as vital as the ones after. They determine how long you stay in the hospital or the duration it takes to get back to your routine. Adequate preparation can also reduce the chances of complications.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

The process involves identifying the acupoints after discussing your condition. The professional will insert needles at specific points throughout the body – we use sterile disposable needles that are very thin. Different insertion depths are critical, the same as the distance between them. We remain cautious throughout the process and strive to cause minimal pain, but you may feel a slight prick as we insert them. Sensations like tingling are also common.
The needles can stay in place for a few minutes until you start experiencing a different effect, indicating that the treatment is working. Our veteran acupuncturists perform the procedure most safely, ensuring you experience no harmful effects. Moreover, we use nontoxic needles that we dispose of after every application.

The go-to Post and Pre-operative and Fracture Rehabilitation Clinic

Both rehabilitation types can substantially impact the body by improving blood circulation, lowering anxiety, regaining strength, and reducing complications. You can experience those no matter the condition. Many of our patients appreciate the rehabilitation after undergoing knee replacement, abdominal surgery, or any other surgery. Commonly affected body parts include the calf, ankle, shoulders, neck, foot, back, hip, or elbows.

Our physiotherapists can create a unique plan for your condition from when you book the surgery until you regain complete functionality. We can give you a thorough assessment that may include several therapy techniques, including those you can do at home or at the fracture clinics. Starting the rehabilitation sooner is advisable – it increases the chances of a smooth recovery. The therapies can take a few weeks to months, depending on the scope of the surgery – there is no specific timeline for all patients. We assure you of the utmost care and caution, recommending exercises and devices that we are sure will benefit you.