Braces, Compression Stockings

We supply all medical and rehabilitation braces and compression stockings. Once we identify that you require a brace or a compression stockings for certain conditions we will discuss that with you. Usually, multiple measurement is required prior to ordering any brace or compression stockings. 

Braces, Compression Stockings in Vaughan

Braces are some of the best means of combating various types of pain by restricting movement or potentially harmful motion. You can prevent lower leg pain or disease to promote your wellness. The compression stockings are available in different pressure levels, translating to various tightness you can adjust accordingly. You can use them no matter the severity of the condition or what it is. Acupuncturists in Vaughan practice the technique in various ways, mostly combining the traditional approach with modern medicine – focusing on directing energy flow through the body while stimulating the body system. Some may focus on treating myofascial pain, which involves muscle injury or strain that forms tight knots as trigger points. Luckily, the seasoned experts from Toronto Health & Physical Rehabilitation Clinic are conversant with all options. We apply the most suitable technique according to your condition.

What do Braces do?

Braces work during pregnancies, after surgery, or when dealing with any blood circulation disorder. They reduce the chances of blood clots but are also suitable for persistent strains, muscle weakness, arthritis, or post-trauma use. You can inquire about braces when you have lower back pain, knee injury, ankle sprains, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or golfers elbow. Discuss your options with our certified physiotherapist to determine the braces you need and how to use them. Our recommendations come after an evaluation.

Compression socks’ benefits vary from reducing inflammation to relieving pain. They also improve blood circulation, reverse veinous hypertension, prevent blood clots, enhance lymphatic drainage, and lower orthostatic hypotension. All their advantages come from their ability to improve how blood vessels work and the extra support they provide to the legs. That is also why they can prevent dizziness in some cases.

Braces, Compression Stockings Vaughan

The primary function of compression socks is providing support, even if it means limiting movement. Since needs differ, you can find any type you prefer from the numerous options available. Our capable team is ready to give you the best compression socks when you contact us, and we complete the consultation phase.
Our vast experience is essential from selection to usage and care – we can help you choose the braces because making a choice may not be very straightforward when buying them for the first time. We are confident that our experience can ensure you continue to perform well while recovering, thanks to the support the stockings provide. You can also consider the three main types available. One option is anti-embolism compression stockings for immobile patients. They reduce the possibility of deep vein thrombosis and are available under a prescription. Graduated compression stockings are also available for peripheral edema. Their design makes them more supportive at the ankles. Non-medical socks are also available if you need support for aching legs but have not had a specific diagnosis. Our team can help you distinguish all available options before your pick the most ideal one.

We are expert in Compression Stockings

Contact us for more information on compression socks or any other therapeutic service. We go the extra mile to show you how to care for your braces as a way of protecting your investment – compression stockings are more expensive than regular ones. For instance, you should remove them when going to bed after wearing them the whole day, especially if they feel cumbersome on your feet. We will give further guidelines after an assessment – some cases may require continuous usage of the braces.