Post stroke rehab, rehabilitation of movement disorders, coordination and balance, vertigo and dizziness, sensory and motor deficits, concussions and post-concussion syndrome, migraine and… 

Neuro-Rehabilitation Clinic in Vaughan

Conditions affecting the nervous system require special attention from specialists, which is why neuro physiotherapy is essential. Such a program should involve the supervision of professionally-trained personnel who can decipher various conditions and how to treat them.

The treatment enhances body functionality or movement and improves the overall quality of life. Common indicators that rehabilitation is necessary include muscle weakness, difficulty walking, speaking, or swallowing.
Seek professional assistance if you experience the above, including memory impairment, problems handling daily activities, or changes with eye-hand coordination.

Although many facilities deal with neuro-rehabilitation in Toronto and Vaughan, caution is advisable when selecting a facility. Ensure they can handle the condition no matter the cause or how it presents itself. Common causes include injuries, infections, tumours, circulatory system disorders, and other degenerative conditions. You can watch for vascular disorders like ischemic stroke, spinal cord injuries, seizures, Parkinson’s disease, and other degenerative disorders.

Reliable Neuro-Rehabilitation Team

Many neurological conditions require the primary medical team to work concurrently with the rehabilitation team. Rehab professionals provide additional treatments and therapies necessary to speed up recovery, but you only start a program after a thorough review. Our qualified team can plan a neurological rehab approach that sorts out your specific issue, following up when necessary to ensure you remain active throughout the program.
We may involve you in stress management, speech therapy, muscle control, social behaviour skills enhancement, nutritional counselling, or pain management. However, those are not the only ways we can conduct rehabilitation – each approach depends on specific scenarios or conditions. You may have more than one specialist assisting you because the rehab needs multiple experts.

Physical therapist

Injuries or medical conditions resulting in poor balance, loss of coordination, reduction in strength, or imbalance require the expertise of a physical therapist. Since we have the best in the region, you can relax knowing that the neurological physiotherapy you will undergo will be top-notch and result-oriented.

Our neurological-rehabilitation team cares about your mental, social, and emotional well-being in addition to the physical. We provide all-rounded care that improves our patient’s quality of life, starting with an in-depth assessment. Our friendly team will help you feel at home no matter the problem. Do not wait for the condition to worsen – get the neurological help you need today.

Our team can consist of the following:


A neuropsychologist provides a solution if you or your loved one suffered a brain injury or stroke that resulted in cognitive or behavioural issues. You may undergo stress reduction or cognitive therapy with assistance from the expert, or they may recommend other treatment options after consultation.


Our physiatrists have extensive knowledge of physical medicine or physical rehabilitation. Our experience and commitment to seeing clients become well again help us achieve excellent results every time. You can be sure of getting the best care.

Occupational therapist

The professionals are responsible for helping you regain complete control over daily activities like eating, dressing, or using the bathroom. We can help you regain your independence by doing the regular activities you did before.